Take your Spanish to a new level. Sign up for your Spanish Free Trial and experience the most exciting trend online Spanish learning. Students of all ages can now learn one-on-one from native Spanish-speaking professional instructors from Guatemala. We have specific homeschool programs for Middle School and High School students in addition to teaching young kids and adults.

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Homeschool Spanish Academy is a high quality online Spanish language institution committed to the growth of young home schooling Spanish students and to providing best-in-class solutions for any parent.

Experience and learn Spanish through interactive immersive lessons with 1-on-1 instruction from native Spanish-speaking professional instructors, via Skype video conferencing. We have focused programs for all ages from teaching young kids to adults. Perfect for home schoolers, or as a tailor made
alternative to Rosetta Stone.

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The People of Antigua -  By

You can tell about where someone is going by the way they get on the bus. His eyes, the hombre who watched people walk by his empanada stand all day, only 50 quetzales to bring home again, they are low and you can see him looking to the past, when the dust blew the other direction.....

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Kate Kessler

"My daughter feels very confident with her teacher from Guatemala and she told me that she tries harder because she is working directly with someone. It is a very fascinating dynamic. I am excited to share your company!"

- 2012-05-29: Kate Kessler
(Director of Product Reviews)
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine